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I have been playing guitar and writing music since my teenage years. This section of my blog includes some of my music. If you hear a song and want a chord/lyric sheet, let me know. Enjoy!

Today was dreary. It felt like a ukulele-type day, so I started playing and put this video together.

We celebrated the Lord’s Supper at church today, May 3, 2020. It’s a time of social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We led the live stream of worship with just a few of us in the sanctuary. We invited people to gather the elements of communion wherever they were and join us in the Eucharistic celebration. I wrote this song imagining Jesus leading his disciples through the last supper.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I had a little time and started playing some of my old tunes. I wrote “I Am Blessed” in February 2011. It was a reminder to myself during a difficult period. The praise band at our church started playing it in their regular rotation. Over the years, I play it every so often for my own joy. Today, I decided to record it and video myself recording. Syncing the video/audio was a challenge. If you like it, cool. If not, no worries. Have a nice day!

“Take That Mask Off” is about being genuine. I wrote it in 2014 and recorded it soon after. Since then, I lost the piece of paper on which I wrote it, so I would just have to listen and write down the words and chords.

I wrote “Eric Garner’s Last Words” after reading about Eric Garner’s death in NYC.