God is Calling You

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Each person who accepts God’s free gift of grace and enters a relationship with Jesus has a calling. Sometimes, we frame a ‘calling’ as something exclusive to ministers or deacons. But, Jesus invited everyone to be part of the kingdom of God. As members of this divine kingdom, we each have a part to play.

Next week is Thanksgiving. Immediately after, we begin the season of Advent and get ready to celebrate Christmas. This year, these holidays will be different. Nationally, the number of people who test positive for COVID-19 is increasing. Locally, the rates are a bit more promising. Yet, we are still safer by remaining apart from one another. At holidays, this is especially difficult.

Instead of succumbing to the sad reality of being apart, we can approach the season in a new way. We can let our lives speak and articulate God’s calling to each of us. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be different this year. Accept that reality now and decide how you will approach it. It would be easy to be blue because we cannot do what we normally do to celebrate.

Still, from Jesus’ birth in a barn instead of a posh birthing center, he never took the easy path. This year is no different. It won’t be easy to remain apart. Following Jesus means reexamining how we celebrate. Staying apart is an act of love for other people. It communicates that we care about flattening the curve and stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

As we remain apart, we can explore our calling. Before we can, though, we must recognize that God calls us. If we don’t believe God calls everyone, then we provide an easy out to ignore the divine nudge to some task or work.

God calls everyone. There is something for each one of us to do, and every calling is great when pursued for God’s glory. After accepting the fact that being in a relationship with Christ means receiving a call from God, the next step is discerning that call.

Just as each of us are unique, our callings are all unique. Even the holy calling to ministry is different among ministers. All ministers have distinct gifts and specific callings. In our church, the ministers work to utilize our different gifts so that we can be more than the sum of our parts. The same process applies to every follower of Christ.

You are special. You have gifts. You can brighten the world. God is calling you. The next step is up to you.

What is God calling you to do? This holiday season, take some time to consider your calling and how you are answering it. Are you doing everything God has called you to do? Is it time for a change? Will it be hard? (Hint: Yes!) Will it be worth it? (Hint: Absolutely!) Follow God’s call and have a glorious holiday season.

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