Derailed by a Puppy

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I like writing this blog. Thinking about current events is cathartic for me during these tumultuous times. Connecting theology with what’s happening in the world is part of my calling. Recently, I was settling into a routine of adding several posts per week.

Then… a puppy derailed my plans.

We had been thinking about getting another dog for some time. There were a number of factors that contributed to our decision. When our breeder had a litter available, we jumped. Kai is a beautiful female blue-merle-colored border collie. We chose her name because it means “the sea” in Hawaiian. She will eventually discover that living in our family means spending time on the water.

However, Kai didn’t just derail my writing. Having a puppy in the house has reminded me of some important lessons.


When I think the puppy needs to go out, she may or may not really need to go. If I take her outside and walk around with her, sometimes she sniffs, plays with mulch, and watches the world. My agenda really doesn’t matter. My timeline is completely superfluous to her. She goes when she needs to go. She’s learning what’s appropriate and what is not. Until then, I get the constant reminder to wait. Training a puppy takes time and patience, just like so many other things in life.

Everything’s New

To Kai, the world is new. Every sight, every smell, every object—all of it is new. She is learning what she can chew and what she is not allowed to chew. She gets to see how close our cat Nikki allows her to get before Nikki hisses. She tests our dog Hobie’s patience. Each day, Kai learns something new. It makes me wonder what I could be learning if I saw the world through fresh eyes.

Time Goes Fast

Puppies grow. When we brought her home, she was barely 8 weeks old. She weighed less than 3.5 kg (7 lbs). Now, she’s 4.5 kg (9 lbs). Before I know it, she will be 14-22 kg (30-50 lbs). Sometimes it doesn’t seem like time is flying. It’s only clear in hindsight.

I’m sure this puppy has many more lessons to teach me. As I learn, I need to be patient, look at the world with fresh eyes, and appreciate each day.

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