A Faith that Speaks to Today

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“Consider the lilies. They grow even though they don’t toil” (Matthew 6:28). Many people work very hard. Working hard is good. It is gratifying. Once, I was moving some boxes and asked one of my sons to help. As we were carrying the boxes, he thanked me for giving him something productive to do. I understood his gratitude.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus addresses worry (Matthew 6:25-33). He tells his listeners, “Don’t worry” and uses the example of flowers who do nothing but still grow. He does not say, “Don’t work. Don’t try. Don’t do anything. You will still grow. His floral example touches people who scurry around trying to make everything work out and continue worrying about the outcome.

Jesus’ teaching doesn’t undermine work. He tries to give his listeners a wider angle to see the world. He says, “Don’t worry about your clothes or food. Life’s about more than that.” As we transition to new ways of living (e.g. wearing a mask, not having friends over, and more changes!), we cannot worry but we do have to work.

We need to work to feed our faith. All of us need to be diligent in our spiritual growth. We should exercise our creativity as we seek first the Kingdom of God and explore sharing God’s grace and love with the world around us.

When my son and I were moving those boxes, there was a reason. We needed the contents of the boxes somewhere other than where they were. It was not an exercise in futility. Neither is work for the Kingdom of God. Our faith can speak to the current situation in the world.

What is God saying to you today? Where is God leading? Let’s enter the future, roll up our sleeves, and follower where God leads.

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