Soaking in God’s Creation

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When I get into a routine, it’s easy to keep my eyes down and stay focused on what is in front of me. During this time of social distancing, some days lack order and a predictable form. In March, in-person meetings, soccer practice, school drop-off, and attending my sons’ extracurricular activities ceased to fill my schedule. Instead, now I attend video conferences and virtual meetings. I have deep discussions on the phone about what ministry will look like in the future. As much as life has changed, some parts remain the same.

Each day is an opportunity to go outside. I don’t mean walking from the house to the car and the car to a building. I mean really going outside. Sitting on a bench and watching the world presents something different than being inside looking at a screen.

The other day, I was walking in some woods near my house. A squirrel ran up a tree crackling some leaves. A creek babbled and wandered along with no purpose or priority. Some deer stood on the other shore and watched me. My dog fixed his eyes on the deer, trying to decide whether to chase them or not. Walking outside was a different experience than sitting at my desk.

When I returned to the office, my head was clearer. I could think about my to-do list and prioritize the bullet points. I did not solve the future of ministry. Instead, I had the sense that God is in control and the future will be bright.

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  1. We registered our backyard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.
    Our most common wildlife are squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and tons of birds. Between the pair tree and the bird feeder we’ve affixed to our kitchen window, we see an beautiful array of fowl, amazingly up close. On rarer occasions we’ll see snakes, turtles, deer, opossum, and raccoons. Of course the occasional dog or cat that wanders into our yard is not “wild” but certainly has the potential to interact with wild animals. It’s quite a show.

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