Little Reminders of Faith

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In my church, our Lenten theme is “Reminders of Faith.” We are looking at every day items that remind us of our faith journeys. What reminds you of your faith? So far, we have set stones, coins, and a lightbulb on our communion table to remind us of the gospel story. Coins remind us of the almsgiving in Matthew 6.1-4. Stones remind us of Jesus’ temptation in Matthew 4.1-11. The lightbulb reminds us of Nicodemus going to Jesus at night in John 3.1-17.

Reminders surround us. The other day, I was washing my hands and remembered when I worked in Chicago twenty years ago. Our offices were on the fifth floor of an old building. I remember one of my coworkers complaining that we never could get warm water from the restroom faucets to wash our hands. The simple act of washing my hands reminded me of him but I cannot remember his name. I wonder what he is doing now. God knows his name, so I prayed for him.

My family was playing a game the other day, and someone said something about exercise. My spouse said, “Ping pong is exercise.” It reminded me of my grandmother Biscomb. She used to claim that she was in such good shape because she played ping pong. The throwaway comment brought back fond childhood memories of my grandmother crushing me in ping pong. She had a brutal spin. I gave thanks for having a loving family and happy childhood memories.

Reminders from everyday items can become a significant part of our faith journey. The challenge for us is to connect the dots. Remembering a colleague from many years ago is one thing. Thinking of him and saying a prayer for him is another. Remembering my grandmother is one thing. Thinking of her and giving thanks for her impact on my life and for families in general is another. These are two examples of connecting the dots between everyday reminders and baptizing them into my faith journey.

Reminders can remain just reminders. The work is ours to connect them to our faith. What little things bring back good memories for you? How can you connect the dots and let those everyday reminders encourage your walk with Christ?

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