Getting Ready to be Thankful

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Does one really need to get ready to be thankful? Getting ready can be a valuable part of any endeavor. If we jump into something with no preparation, then we may or may not be ready.

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful. 1 Chronicles 16.34 reminded the ancient Israelites to give thanks to God. Ephesians 5.20 also says to give God thanks for all one’s blessings. The psalms, prophets, and other biblical passages say to be thankful.

Counting blessings can help us keep our perspective. So, is the key to getting ready to be thankful simply counting one’s blessings? No. It’s an attitude adjustment.

I think about my dog. He never prepares for anything, yet he always seems ready. How is this possible? The answer is in his DNA. He was born to work. Being ready to play ball, go for a walk, or explore outside is his work. He doesn’t have to prepare because these things are who he is. When something new happens, like going to the veterinarian, he is unprepared.

People are not like a dog. We can look ahead and anticipate what is coming next. When we think about Thanksgiving, we can get ready to be thankful. How?

  1. Look around.
  2. Try to see something good.
  3. Write it down.
  4. Make a list of the good things.
  5. Consider the source of the good.
  6. How many good things are beyond our control? (e.g. weather, kindness, safety, etc.)
  7. Count the blessings.
  8. Give thanks.

This list is not exhaustive, nor is it meant to be. But, it might be helpful as we prepare to be thankful on Thanksgiving.

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