God & Nature

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Sitting outside on a gray afternoon might not seem like the most riveting activity. But, simply being outside can invoke God’s presence. I sat and watched the trees. The leaves were still. The clouds hung low in the air. Then, a flock of birds flew low over the house and above my head. I think they were looking for a place to spend the night.

When I went outside, the air was cool. I had been in my house working on a project, but I wanted to be outside. I sat and looked at the trees but my shirt wasn’t enough to keep me warm. Then, I remembered the Scandinavian maxim, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”  I put on a sweater and came back outside. In the distance, I can hear cars. A plane flies overhead. Occasionally, I hear the faint sound of a child’s voice or a car door.

Outside, it is peaceful. There is life. Things are happening. People are moving and active. We are not alone. Even though I live in a city, my house is located near a wooded area. From my deck, I sit with a wall of green forest. Squirrels, birds, deer, and even a fox run around. They exist apart from the daily concerns of humanity. They don’t follow the impeachment inquiry or skyrocketing national deficit. They have no worries about retirement accounts or college savings. Car repairs and mortgages never cross the little critters’ minds.

Why do we let the daily grind take so much of our attention? Why can’t we spend more time outside, letting the world turn? I love watching the leaves to see if one will move. On a still afternoon like this one, a moving leaf might reveal one of our forest friends.

Go outside and experience the presence of the Lord.

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