Discovering Something New About a Friend

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Recently, I was scrolling down Twitter and saw a friend’s tweet. I do not mean a Facebook “friend” or Twitter follower, but this was the tweet of a person with whom I have spent real time. The post was overtly political and surprising. Previously, I knew my friend’s general political preferences but never knew this person to be politically active.

Polarized America

In Congress, divisions are so deep that some politicians do not trust other politicians to respect whistleblower statutes. House Democrats are considering masking the identity of the whistleblower. Nothing has really changed.

During Watergate, House Republicans did not abandon Nixon until just before he resigned. According to Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, Republicans have a dilemma. Do they abandon the President and face a backlash from his supporters? Or, do they support him?

According to Politico, half of voters support impeaching and removing President Trump. However, that means half of voters don’t support impeaching and removing the President. This scenario presents a divided picture.

Coming Together

Where does this end? How do we overcome these differences? For me, I saw my friend’s tweet and closed Twitter. I do not want to argue with someone about the nature of democracy. I do not want to debate conspiracies. I do not want to feel like I am crazy for arguing for decorum.

(Did it ever exist? Is this the bed of our own making? Is humanity doomed?) No.

I will pray for my friend. I will pray for Trump. I will pray for Schiff. I will pray for the divisions. I will try to model the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5.22-23). Do I have the answers? Not hardly. But I don’t have to enter a debate where there was none before. We need more friendship, not less.

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