Blog Sabbatical Ending

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Over the summer, I took an unannounced sabbatical from my blog. At first, I did not create any entries for a day. My normal post days came and went, and I did not write anything. Then, a week went by, followed by a few weeks.

Several times, I thought, “I should write something.”

What if I didn’t? It became an exercise in grace. It was about extending grace to myself, giving myself the space to relax and do something else. My livelihood does not depend on my blogging. For me, this blog is a thought-exercise, a way to theologically reflect on what is happening in the world.

During my blog sabbatical, I reflected on what I want to do in this blog. It is not where I want to present articles or parts of a book. It is for short pieces about something specific.

So, I will resume my blog. I will write short pieces. My readers should be able to finish reading an entry in a few minutes. I plan to stimulate thought and provoke responses. If you feel like leaving a comment, please do. I will respond. If you want to share it, please do. I will be grateful.

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