Grow Where You Are Planted

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One of my favorite devotionals often asks these questions:

How do I find myself today? Where am I with God? With others? Do I have something to be grateful for? Then I give thanks. Is there something I am sorry for? Then I ask forgiveness.

Sacred Space

These questions provoke my thoughts toward God. They push me to consider what is going on. And, is that not the point of reading devotionals? They bring perspective. They can serve to re-center our focus. By setting aside time for devotions, we can think about our lives in relation to others and in relation to God.

Something Bigger

Too often, there is a sense or pull toward something bigger, greater, more prestigious, and more lucrative. Advertisers try to convince people that they need new, shinier things—objects with features that we did not know existed and did not imagine needing. Discontent is the enemy of growth in Christ.


The questions above challenge discontent. They push back against the marketing voices calling for greater consumerism. Instead of looking for something bigger, we can grow where we are planted. What is God calling me to do here, where I am now?

The Answer

The answer might be like trite, teen movies. The answer might have been in front of us the entire time. We grow where we are. We grow where God is calling us. We grow where God has led us.

How do I find myself today? Right where I need to grow.

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