Little Changes & Big Changes

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Sometimes a little thing can be big. It can make a big difference. Little changes can out punch their weight class and seem like a big deal.

Recently, a coworker left our office. We had purchased a highend laptop for her to use. With her departure, this expensive piece of hardware was going to go unused.

Until yesterday, I used my own computer at work and at home. But, I decided that I would begin using the expensive new computer. The little change is operating system—my own computer had one operating system and the other had a different one. With a little change, I had a lot to learn.

Rolling With It

Yes, there was a learning curves. Yes, I was constantly looking up passwords to my frequently visited websites. Yes, there was a decrease in my productivity while I set up the new machine and learned the new shortcuts. Yes, there was a downside.

None of the downside really mattered. People spend an inordinate amount of time making little things into big things. A wise woman used to tell me, “Don’t major on the minors.”

She was right. For me today, changing computers is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.


“I lift my eyes to the hills—from where will my help come?” Psalm 121.1

Little things can be big. They disrupt the flow. They change how we do things. But, when we lift up our eyes and look off into the distance, we can begin to see things differently. The perspective of hills in the distance can help us see the little things as little things.

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