God’s Grace Bursts Through

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What constraints do we put on God? How do our expectations limit what God can do in our lives? When we put ourselves first, instead of making Christ the king of our lives, we limit God’s role for us.

Occasionally, God’s grace bursts through the limits we put in place. How does this happen?


In 1902, the Jesuit George Tyrrell reflected on Deuteronomy 34.1-5. Moses sees the Promised Land. In 34.4, the Lord says “you shall not cross,” and in 34.5, Moses dies. Tyrrell writes:

“Still I am very satisfied with my destiny as a wheel in God’s mill, and find sufficient reward in the interests of life, its ups and even its downs; nor would I willingly purchase so dull a thing as personal safety at the sacrifice of such entertaining dangers.”

God’s Work

Tyrrell recognizes the part each one of us plays in God’s work. He uses the metaphor of a divine mill. Seeing the part we play in God’s work can help us open up to divine grace bursting through our limits.

Even when things go badly, personal safety becomes secondary to being part of God’s work.

Join God

How can this speak to us in today’s world? Consider immigration, climate change, human rights, racial reconciliation, poverty, lack of affordable housing—this list could go on and on.

What is God’s work? When we join God, open ourselves and make Christ the king of our lives, and seek Jesus first, we can begin seeing where God is calling us. And, God’s grace bursts through the walls that surround our lives.

The list of issues in the world today can seem overwhelming. Like eating an elephant, we can join God’s work one bite at a time. Pick something and take a bite. God’s grace will burst through.

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