What’s squeezing you in its grip?

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What’s squeezing you in its grip? Work? Family? Life? To feel squeezed means to experience pressure. There is a subject (what is squeezing) and object (what is being squeezed). If you feel squeezed, you feel like an object, and something else (a subject) is squeezing you. 

What is the subject? What is doing the squeezing? More importantly, can we influence it? We cannot control it. Thinking we can control something else confuses the subject and object. In that instance, we are no longer the object, but we become the subject. We, then, squeeze something else (e.g. work, family, life, etc.). 

Identifying the subject is the first step in wiggling out of the squeeze. Name it. If work is putting pressure (squeezing) you, what can you do to change it? Nothing is rarely an answer. In almost every circumstance, there is some actionable step toward changing the situation. So, if the squeeze is from work, what are some potential actions?

  • Analyze the sources of pressure
  • Assess whether they are real or imaginary
  • Consider new tools to improve work
  • Seek additional training
  • Ask for help

God does not call people to stress. God is the divine subject and offers redemption and a new life instead of pressure. When we seek to be an object to God as subject, we enter a relationship and can begin a journey away from the squeeze.

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  1. Food for thought! Working on making changes in work and family! Thanks, Matt.

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