Following God Each Day

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How can we pause and follow God each day? What does following God each day look like? 


Following God is a decision. We decide to make Christ the king of our lives and center ourselves on him. To some, the old song “I have decided to follow Jesus” might sound campy or dated. But, making a decision to do something is the significant first step on the path to doing it. 

Getting physically fit does not happen accidentally. A person makes the decision to exercise. That person sets goals, like lose weight, fit into some old pants, or run a marathon. The goals loom and motivate that person to get out and exercise. 

Likewise, people do not wander into a spiritual life. We make a decision to relate to God and start down the spiritual path. As I have written elsewhere, abandoning the self is a challenge.

Putting so much emphasis on the decision might sound like Pelagianism. That is, Pelagius argues that original sin did not color human nature. Thus, people can choose good or evil without divine assistance. In other words, we can earn salvation. Yet, being intentional does not equate to earning salvation. Being intentional means making a decision to relate to God. 


Exercising gratitude as a muscle helps us see things for which we can be thankful. By saying, “Thank-you,” I become more grateful. Reading psalms can help. 

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
   for his steadfast love endures for ever.

Psalm 107.1

See also, Psalm 34.1-3, 138.1-2, and 118.19. Being thankful is a reminder to follow God. We can:

  • Take a breath & thank God for air to breathe. 
  • Move around & thank God for the freedom to move.
  • Smile & thank God for the ability to smile.

This list is endless.


Finally, turning to God and saying something (anything!) helps people follow God each day. Following God each day is a journey. 

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