Seeing God

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We see God most frequently through tracks and traces, not through theophanies. On a fresh snowfall, impressions in the snow reveal a rabbit traveled through the area. Even if we do not see the rabbit, we know it passed. Likewise, God interacts with the world and leaves tracks behind. For me, God’s calling is manifest in my transition from serving one church to another.
Here are some of the tracks:
  • Someone asked me if I was interested in the church when I was not looking for a new place to serve.
  • Initially, I told the search committee that I was happy where I was serving.
  • But, I said I would pray about it.
  • I did pray about it.
  • My family was content where we lived.
  • I was genuinely happy where I was, yet…
  • I knew God was preparing me for something else. (I do not know how I knew.)
  • I felt God’s presence when talking with the search committee.
  • Throughout the process, my current congregation has affirmed God’s calling. They have blessed me beyond my imagination with their well-wishes. They plan to take part in my installation service.
  • Now, I am preparing to begin serving in a new place.

How do we see God? Revelation comes through scripture, people, the world, and direct communication. Messengers from God visited Abraham. Moses spoke with God. Biblical examples abound.
Did God call me? Technically, the people of University Baptist Church called me. Yet, I see God in this process. 

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