Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference

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Yesterday, I visited Source de Lumiere orphanage in Port-au-Prince. My fourth visit over the past two years revealed many changes. Individually, each change was relatively small, but taken together, they make a big difference. 
On my first visit, the boys and girls were segregated by gender. There was a large room for boys and another for girls. One and a half years ago, I was with a group who built storage cubbies for the children. Now, they have subdividers in their respective rooms in order to further separate the children by age. This is a great step forward, as the older children are now in adolescence and need increased privacy. 
On this visit, the children seemed happy. They were in an apparent routine. 

The long term mission of the orphanage is taking shape too. New children entered in December. A well and water dispensary has increased capacity and four of the older children are learning how to operate the machinery. One of the older girls was working in the kitchen. The children were all doing their homework when we arrived yesterday. 
Vocational training might seem obvious, but on previous visits, I could see no evidence of plans for the future. Some projects have started and failed, but others, like the water dispensary, are growing and providing revenue for the orphanage. 
These little changes are relatively inexpensive, especially by North American standards. They have made a big difference in the lives of some very precious children. For that, I am thankful. 

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