Back to Haiti?

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At this point, it would be perfectly  natural to expect a report on our church’s recent trip to Haiti. Many of you heard our story in worship on February 23rd. If you missed it, you can view the sermon here: We will share more, including pictures, in the near future.
As we traveled back to Kilmarnock, I received emails from members of our congregation asking what else we can do for the children in the orphanage. Some suggested little toys or games to put in the cubbies. However, the children desire attention and love more than anything else. Thus, an idea began to organically take shape:
Let’s go back! Let’s take a group and provide Vacation Bible School for the kids when their school year is over, and they have free time from sunrise to sunset! I prayed about it and shared the idea with a few people. Their energy and excitement fed my own.
Before stepping on the plane for our final flight home, I knew I would be going back and couldn’t wait to see the children again.

Please join me in praying about this mission opportunity. These are God’s children and they have nothing and no chance in this world. We can love them, hold them, and show them that God cares for them.

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