Cubbies are finished! (Feb 20)

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Good evening my Kilmarnock Baptist Family,
As our final evening in Port-au-Prince draws to a close, Amanda, Jim, and I thank you for your prayers, love and support as we made this brief trip to an impoverished part of the world. Our primary goal, building cubbies, is accomplished. However, I believe that we have achieved a much more important goal, that is, sharing God’s love with each person we encountered. Interacting with the children in the orphanage and quality time with Andy and Jutta were priceless.
When we arrived on Monday, the children had to place their few things anywhere they could find, like, in the picture below, over a doorway.

Everything takes longer in less developed countries like Haiti. For example, Andy started to turn the generator on to make electricity because the city power is off, but he found that there was no fuel for the generator. Therefore, he went to buy some. This is one small example of what is like to work in Haiti. Here is Amanda putting some final touches on one of the cubbies this morning:
I was bolting the cubbies to the wall so that the children would not be able to pull them down. Before we were finished, a little girl came up and began marking each one with her friends names. 
Here we are in front of one of the finished cubbies:
We completed three sets of 16 cubbies. The boys’ dormitory has two sets, and the girls have one. The children were so excited! It is hard to imagine how poor someone must be to get excited about having a 17″ X 17″ X 24″ cube to call his/her own. Imagination is not required. Simply get on a plane and come to Port-au-Prince to see abject poverty as you have never imagined it.
The children in the orphanage eat two meals each day, breakfast and lunch. The latter is served around 2:00 PM. After lunch, they have no more structure to their day. They are free. They have no toys, no where to go, and nothing to do, but they are free. It is a sad life with a bleak future. However, over the past few days, my prayer is that our efforts have made their lives a little less bleaker. 
Here is Shnaider posing in front of his new cubby. 
Thank you for being part of this journey with us.
Peace in Christ,


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