A new beginning…and a rich history

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I arrived in Kilmarnock in 2009, ready to begin a new chapter in my life.  However, I did not realize that jumping into something new for me would also entail entering into a rich history.
Whenever a person begins a new venture, everything is fresh.  The stories that long-timers have heard over and over again take on new meaning as the newest member hears the old stories for the first time.  
For a little while, I was one of the newest members, and all the old stories were new again.  In addition to the stories being new, the people were all new.  The tired traits that others have to ignore are suddenly original and interesting, and the overlooked talents become obvious to a new observer.  In this respect, being new has its advantages.
For me, I came here because I felt called to come.  It was the right time to begin a new season for me and for my family.  When we accepted the church’s call, I did not know about the wonderful history of Kilmarnock Baptist Church.  My family and I are pleased and proud to be here. 
Over the weekend of October 23-25, 2009 I began to learn and appreciate the church’s history.  Jewish people often exemplify living or owning their history.  A Jewish teaching would not say, “When the Jews left Egypt…”  The statement would more likely be, “When we” or “When mypeople left Egypt…”  
As Christians, we can own our heritage too.  The Apostle Paul is my Christian brother and forbearer.  Lydia, the fabric merchant in Acts 16, is my Christian sister.  And, just as the lineage continues through the centuries, those wonderfully dedicated people who gathered together one hundred years ago to lay the foundation for Kilmarnock Baptist Church are part of my Christian tradition.  
I take ownership of the Kilmarnock story as part of my story.

The story continues…

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